Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Mein Talkhiye Hayat se Ghabra ke Pee Gaya Poet: Saghar Siddiqui

NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN - Main Talkhiye Hayat Se... by sweetsongs58

English Translation: Dr. Amanullah De Sondy 

The antipathy of life led me to drink, in rancour
The colours of grief, the dark night.  I intoxicate nervously
The goblet was, wet, tearful...and there, tense, worried were the tresses of the beloved
These incidents led to intoxication, nervously

A mere human being not an angel indeed, oh respected one
Today the confusion of subjectivity, of being in myself, led to intoxication, nervously 

Such an abstruse, delicate, abstruse entity, how can one understand?
Attributed to divine events, mercy, I intoxicate nervously
Thorns are but thorns, what objection is there to raise to them?
But those flowers, their incidents. I intoxicate nervously

The events of this world are but one long painful song
The events of world. I intoxicate nervously.

Saghar, they were saying, please drink
Because of his requests, those pleadings led to intoxicating nervously

Main Talkhiye Hayat Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya
Gham Ki Siyaah Raat Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Chalke Hue The Jam Paresha'n Thi Zulf e Yaar
Kuch Aisay Hadsaat, Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Main Aadmi Hoon Koi Farishta Nahi Huzoor
Main Aaj Apni Zaat, Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Itni Daqeeq Shai Koi Kaisay Samajh Sakay
Yazdaan Ke Waqiyaat Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Kantay To Khair Kantay Hi Hain Unse Gila Hi Kya
Phoolon Ki Wardaat, Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Dunia e Hadsaat Hai Aik Dardnaak Geet
Dunia e Hadsaat Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

Sagher Wo Keh Rahe The Ke Pee Lijiye Huzoor
Un Ki Guzarishaat Se Ghabra Ke Pee Gaya

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