Sunday, 21 February 2016

Ariel - Share the Load

~~~"For parents, watching their kids all grown up and handling their lives on their own bring mixed feelings. They are proud, sad, happy and hurt at the same time.

But regret is not something we, the grown-up children, imaging our parents to be feeling when they see us dealing with our adult lives.

Ariel has come up with an ad that says parents sometimes do feel that. This ad, made for their campaign #Sharetheload, focuses on a father watching his daughter juggling with her job and household chores while her husband sits on the couch, making laundry and dinner requests.

Instead of knocking some sense into his son-in-law, however, the father finds himself responsible for this set up. The father, in a letter, apologises to his daughter for making her grow up in an ambience where she watched her father never help her mother around the house.
He apologises for not stopping her when she played 'ghar-ghar' as a child, for not teaching her that taking care of the house and children isn't a woman's job alone.

He even sympathizes with his son-in-law, saying he probably saw the same ritual in his family as a kid, that perhaps he played 'ghar-ghar' too and portrayed the role of the TV-watching man-of-the-house, while some little girl made him make-believe tea.

In the end, however, the father promises his daughter to make a change in his own way. He promises to help her mother with the household chores from now on. That is when, well, the ad's sales pitch comes in.But disregard the commercial point of view, this ad does make one - man or woman - put on the thinking cap and reconsider what they do while someone else in their family is slogging away with the household chores"

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