Saturday, 16 January 2016

Ab Kay Hum Bichray | Iqbal Bano | Ahmed Faraz احمد فراز

Translation by Dr. Amanullah De Sondy

Ab kay hum bichday to shaayad kabhi khawabon may milein
As we seperate....part...maybe we will meet in those dreams
Jis tarah sookhay huey phool kitabon mein milein
The way those dried up flowers meet in books

Dhoond ujde huye logon mein wafa ke moti
Seek the pearls of loyalty in those who are broken 
Ye khazane tujhe mumkin hai kharabon mein mile
Perhaps it is in their ruins that you find these treasures

Tuu khuda hai na mera ishq farishton jaisa
You are not God nor is my love angelic
Dono insaan hain to kyon itnay hijaabon mein milein
If we are both human, then why such hidden, veiled meetings

Ghum-e dunya bhi ghum-e yaar mein shamil kar lo
Why not add the sorrows of this world with the sorrows attached to the beloved

Nasha bartha hain sharabein jo sharaboon main milein   
After all when the drinks are mixed, the intoxication increases

Ab na woh main hoon na tu hain na woh maazi hai `Faraaz',
Now, you nor I are the same, nor is the past, O Faraaz
Jaisay do saayey tamana kay sehrabbon mein milein
As if two shadows meeting in the mirage of wishes, dreams



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