Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pakistan, Islam and Poetry

Written by Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal - philosopher, poet and politician in British India who is widely regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement. 
(b. November 9, 1877 – d. April 21, 1938)

Sung by Shabnam Majeed, Pakistani celebrated singer

Set out once more that cup, that wine, oh Saki—
Let my true place at last be mine, oh

My lyrical vein was all dried up, with little remains.
The Shaikh decrees that, "Even this is prohibited", O Saaqi!

Who Snatched Away the Piercing Sword of Love (Strong Faith)?
Knowledge is Left With an Empty Sheath Alone, O Saaqi!

With a luminous soul the power of song is life;
With a darkened soul that power is eternal death.

A full moon glistens in Your brimful cup;
Deprive me not of its silver beams at night.

Truth’s forest hides no lion‐hearts now:
Men grovel before the priest, or the saint’s shrine, oh Saki.

Who has borne off Love’s valiant sword?
About an empty scabbard Wisdom’s hands twine, oh Saki.

Verse lights up life, while heart burns bright,
But fades for ever when those rays decline, oh Saki;

Bereave not of its moon my night;
I see a full moon in your goblet shine, oh Saki!

#Saki/Saqi: The cupbearer, wine pourer, a lover, a friend, homoerotic

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