Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nawara Alawa: Thoughts on Modern Islam

I am currently teaching a course on Modern Islam: Explorations in Film, Media and Music at the University of Miami and one of the students' assignments was to put together a creative piece that explores critical issues/debates in modern/contemporary Islam. The second part of the assignment was a scholarly analysis of the creative piece and the themes and thoughts behind it. My student, Nawara Alawa, drew a wonderful expression of the subject with a thoughtful poem. Well done Nawara!

A thread moving through and holding everything together,
The core, the center, the heart Islam
The creation, as beautiful as ever, but as flawed as can be
The woman, the man, the child, Muslim
The fight, visible for everyone to see, or for no one, that marks the true struggle
The prayer, the dance, the war Jihad
The variable that creates the indefinable
The mind, the experience, the atmosphere