Sunday, 6 March 2011

Dedicated to Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti

Christian Member of National Assembly in Pakistan makes a brutally honest attack on the disgusting situation of minorities in Pakistan. Highlighting that Pakistan was created as an inclusive state which it is failing to uphold through deadly attacks.

I translated just a short excerpt...

'Pakistan has been created through the sacred blood of Christians, just yesterday my dear brother has been martyred for this country. What is our crime that we are being faced with this situation. Now this assembly will see many a grand speeches about minority rights but this issue has not just come to the fore now. My daughter turned to me yesterday and said Mom, let's leave this country!', it made me realise that the new generation is suffering as to why we made this country ours. But I told my daughter that such words should not be said, this land is our mother, we will not go anywhere else because our body and soul has developed and risen from the soil of this land and we will remain mixed with this land even when our blood becomes a part of it because it is so sacred to us. We have sworn allegiance to taking part in the blossoming of this nation!"