Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Justin Antweil on Sufism

One of my students taking the Introduction to Islam course here at the University of Miami, Justin Antweil, very creatively wrote a poem expressing his conclusion and analysis of Sufism. A proud teaching moment for me!

The Islamic culture contains Sufi poetry
I must read this or I may not get my degree
I’ll also talk about Muslim music
This will be more informative than a chick flick

Sama is a component of Sufism
This is simple, it’s not Darwinism
Sama literally means the word audition
The music and melody allows Muslim views to come into fruition
It’s a type of meditation focusing on musical melody
Using instruments and mystical songs which are holy

There are three components to the audition
They are: Right time, place, and brethren
One must be in the spiritual mood and mystical state
Otherwise God won’t be able to determine your fate

In the British Forum for Ethnomusicology by Leonard Lewisohn
There is a comparison that sets the perfect tone
Music constitutes the poem’s emotional body of water
Without music the poem will expire on dry land and falter
I hope this method was a unique way of entertaining you
This was my much anticipated participation debut

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