Thursday, 24 June 2010

Transformation by Integration

Product Description
A growing number of people experience their own spiritual lives as being inspired by more than one religious tradition. Multi-religious identity formation and double-belonging are obvious signs of a process of significant transformation as a result inter-faith encounter - a transformation that had been expected and positively willed by various inter-faith theologians. "Transformation by Integration" looks more deeply at a number of issues involved, including: What does it mean theologically to move beyond tolerance towards a genuine appreciation of other religions? How can multi-religious identity be assessed theologically? And, will we have to reconsider the widespread dismissal of syncretism? Perry Schmidt-Leukel takes the next theological step on the basis of a pluralist paradigm within the theology of religions.

About the Author
Perry Schmidt-Leukel is Professor of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology at the University of M√ľnster. There he also heads the Department of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology (Centre for Religious Studies and Inter-Faith Theology).

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