Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Qur'anic Masculinities: Cornell University, USA

Professor Amanullah De Sondy, Assistant Professor of World Religions, Department of Philosophy and Religion will present a paper on 'Exploring Qur'anic Masculinity and Masculinities' at Cornell University on Thursday 11th March at 4:30pm (110 White Hall).

The paper will outline and discuss the images of masculinity that are performed, displayed and constructed in the Qur'anic world. In turn exploring if they support monolithic/hegemonic notions of an Islamic masculinity or are exemplary for gender/sexual pluralism. Opening a timely debate on the challenges and implications posed by Qur'anic masculinities on the study of Islam and Muslims.

This public lecture is sponsored by the Religious Studies program and the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University and will be Chaired by Professor Daniel Boucher, Associate Professor of East Asian Religions and Director of Religious Studies at Cornell University. All Welcome.

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