Sunday, 12 July 2009

Irshad Manji and Reza Aslan: What made them write their challenging books on Islam?

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  1. Very interesting to hear what they both say. Since we all beleive in slam that diversity is a priviledge given to Islam more than was given to other religions, ro maybe, it's that because Islamic main text (Quran and sunna) was guarded by ALLAH from being adjusted or affected by certain humans. Which lead to the availability of diversity in Islam which is still within an Islamic context and within it's boundaries, whl possibly what has happened to the other religions is that the (secular) groups of them have affected the verses of their min text that it has become difficult to be very diverse.
    I still believe that the point i get out of this conversatiois that i see that Islam is a greater than ever because it allows all this diversity as long as it doesn't affect the core principles of Islam an doesn't roam around the boundaries of wrong-doing.