Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh Valorous Heart

I dedicate this translation to all those working hard in Scotland to uphold our shared values of love, peace, success and prosperity - from loved and loathed politicians, religious leaders, and annoying critical progressive Muslims ;-) If we are led by our inner convictions of goodness, all opposition will be met with strength, we just need that strength to recognize our mistakes and errors some times! God bless us all!

A Pakistani patriotic ghazal by Bahzad Lakhnawi and sung by Nayyara Noor (see: I feel the sentiment is appropriate to raise the spirits of us Scots with split identities as a strength to our proud nation!

E-Jazba-e-Dil aGur Mein Cha’ho
Oh Valorous Heart

E-Jazba-e-Dil aGur Mein Cha’ho
Hur Cheez Muqabil A’ja’ay
Manzil kay li’ay do ghaam chalo
Aur Saamney manzil a’ja’ay

Oh Valorous Heart
If I so desire
All opposition can be met
Take those steps forward
With courage, all can be achieved...

Haa yaad mujhe tum kur’lay’na
Awaz mujhe dey dayna
Is rahay mohabbat mein ko’ee dur pesh mushkil a’ja’ay

Yes, remember me (God)
Just call out to me (in prayer)
If on this path of love
Any difficulties come your way

He dil ki kalish chul yo’hi sahi
Chalta to hu unki mehfil mein
Us waqt mujhe chon’ka deyna
Jub rang pey mehfil a’ja’ay

The heart may have some impurity
So be it
I still walk in the congregation of purity
Awaken me at that very moment
When the congregation turns to those colors

E-Jazba-e-Dil aGur Mein Cha’ho

E-rahbar-e-kamil chulnay ko
Tayyar to’ho pur yaad rahay
Us waqt mujhe bat’ka deyna
Jub saamne manzil a’ja’ay

The path of pious prophets, saints
I am ready, if only I remember
Be ready to remind me yet again
When the destination is in sight

Ata hai toofan to anay do...
kashti ka khuda khud hafiz hai...
mushkil to nahi in maw'jo mein behta huwa sahil a'ja'ay...

Let the storm come at its will,
God is the protector of this boat,
These waves are no trouble when there is promise of a shoreline
(or God's guidance)...

Oh Valorous Heart

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  1. Hi Dear sir,
    You know what i heard this song when I was very young. i could not remember dat para... atat hai to toofan aane de. i searched it on google n saw you blog. thanks for sharing it.
    Thank u very much