Wednesday, 16 July 2008

International Summer School on Religion and Public Life, Birmingham 2008

It really is nice to be back in Glasgow! Four weeks away took his toll in the last few days when I just wanted to back in Glasgow. I think the stress of the whole officiating regime helped me contracting some form of infection. However, I lived to tell the tale and what a beautiful tale it is. My first Wimbledon was very special, I may never forget it. But I think when you are apart from home you really do begin to appreciate it a lot more. It was also nice to catch up with family, something maybe I take for granted at times. Traveling makes you aware of so many things, it really is worth traveling around a bit more.

I am off to the International Summer School on Religion and Public Life as a Fellow of the school. “This school provides a laboratory for the practical pedagogy of tolerance and living with difference in a global society. Its goals are to produce new practices and understandings for living together in a world populated by people with very different political ideas, moral beliefs and communal loyalties. Its focus is on religion, as our religious identities are our most exclusive and our religious communities are those to which we devote our greatest loyalties. In our diverse but increasingly interconnected world, we need to find ways to live together. The school takes these very real, critical and defining differences, especially communal and religious differences between people, as the starting point of a publically shared life.” Website:

I will be there for two weeks and have decided that I will be writing my blog whilst I am down there with some analysis of the proceedings.