Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas/ Jinnah Day

I've had a very busy Christmas, yet thoroughly fun and enjoyable! It seems a blessing that Eid and Christmas coincide in the same month with much joy and happiness between and amongst faiths. This year I was at midnight mass at Saint Peters Catholic Church in Partick, Glasgow. I go every year with my tennis coach, Frank Wilson, who enjoyed taking his Muslim friend with him for some spiritual upliftment.

And today I was at the Episcopalian Church in Dumbarton where Father Kenny Mcaulauy (Picture above and across) was preaching the morning service (see: I was there with Mrs Margot Rhead (and family) who were my students of Islamic Studies. We serve a beautiful example of how academics mixed with friendship can serve a great purpose in love and humanity. It was a beautiful sermon in which he preached a story about a girl who was scolded by her father for giving him a present that was empty only to be told that she had blown loads of kisses inside it! The story was heart breaking and it lead to Father Kenny telling everyone that an empty box, wrapped up, empty should be placed under everyone's bed and when we lose hope and think the worst is upon us we should turn to that box and know that God loves us!

It was also a busy day at my sisters where we were cooking a 7.6 Kilo Halal turkey! I wanted to have a joint celebration for Christmas which also coincided with the birth of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. I have read with much interest the life of Jinnah and his values and approach is something that I feel is lost in the sea of mullah-led initiatives in Pakistan, contrary to the beautiful vision that he had. God help us all in nurturing the land we call Pakistan.

I had a very special time with my family, friends and ex-students. Oh and no one can say I am a party pooper for I sang a few verses of a Noor Jehan song ;-) I hope everyone else had just as much fun! :)


  1. This is living Islam in purest form. Nothing challanges your faith, you are a role model for many. Jinnah would be proud of you.

  2. Belonging to one faith does not mean one closes itself from every other faith. Opening our minds and understanding about other religions is what we all need in this day and age.