Sunday, 12 October 2008

Vincent Van Gogh: Time for God

I was at Saint Augustine's Episcopalian Church in Dumbarton this morning. A beautiful sermon preached by Rev. Kenny Macaulay about 'time'. Time being something that we all disguise issues between, "I cannot do that because I have no time..." For me as a Muslim time is a great gift from God, the beauty is in the way we accept it.

I found this piece in the liturgy material thought provoking...

"Vincent Van Gogh lived a poor and simple life.
In order to buy materials for painting
he often went without food.

He once wrote:
"My anxiety is how I can be of use in the world
But one feels a terrible discouragement,
one feels an emptiness where there might be friendship
and one exclaims..."How long, my God?"

There may be a great fire in my soul,
but no one ever comes to warm himself at it,
and the passers-by sees only a little wisp of smoke
coming through the chimney,
and pass on their way.

So what must one do?
One must go on tending the inner fire
and wait patiently for the hour
when somebody will come
and sit down near it to stay there maybe.

Let those who believe in God wait for that hour,
for it will come sooner or later."

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