Monday, 13 October 2008

Iqbal Bano: Intoxicated in God

Another delightful ghazal sung by Iqbal bano which talks about intoxication and God. The depth of this ghazal clearly shows that this intoxication is in God. Numerous ways of interpreting this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed translating it. The picture shows the Mughal Emporer Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal (trans. 'Jewel of the Palace').

Kya jaane kahayga kya akur
Hai daur yaha pemanay ka

I wonder what He will say when He arrives
For it is the custom to have an intermediary today

Allah karay va’iz ko bhi
Rusta na milay mekhanay ka

God willing (or wills) that even the able/commendable
Do not find the way to the tavern

Jannut mein pee’ay ga tu qu kur
Eh shaikh agur ya mushk na ki

You will be intoxicated in heaven, so why the questions now?
Oh Shaikh (learned man) if you do not smell it now

Ub manay na manay teri kushi
Hai kam mera sumjanay ka

If you agree or disagree this is your happiness
It is my job just to explain

Hai chand teray mehkush saki
Jo pur kay namaz atay hai

You have a select few who are self intoxicated cup-bearers
Who come after their prayers

Ya Sheikh ki tawba tawba dekh
Ya waqt badal mehkhanay ka

Either look to the repentance of the Shaikh (learned one)
Or change the timing of the tavern of intoxication

Tu aadmi bun kur beth yaha
Yeh mekhana hai shawq sey pie

Be a man and sit right here
This is the tavern, drink to your hearts content

Hai wa’iz yeh firdaws nahi
Shaitan nahi behkanay qa

Oh commendable one, this is not Paradise
Satan is unable to tempt you here

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