Monday, 27 October 2008

The Hearts of the Beloved

This is one of my favorite Noor Jehan ghazals because she emphasis the pain of the lover with her voice superbly. I have translated the ghazal and attached the Noor Jehan and Naseebo Lal versions. Let the voice capture the passion of the heart as we find love in our hearts...

Mere Dil Dey Shishay Wich Sujna Pa’i Suj Di Ay Tasweer Teri
In the mirror of my heart, your image continues to be beautifully set

Meno rabb ney banay teray la’I,
weh mein azla to jagir teri

God has made me for you,
I am yours from worlds gone and present

Teno mehrum dil da jan lay’a,
dildara meray haan day’a
Hoon teray hath taqdeer meri

I have accepted you as an accepted companion of my heart,
My beloved you are of equal to me
Now my fate rests in your hands

Meray Nen piyasay durshan dayn
Meno ruj ruj sujna wekin dey
Teno tukdeya aw’ey akhir meri

My thirsty eyes submit in your honour
Let me gaze at you over and over again to my hearts delight
As I gaze upon you, let it be my final breaths

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