Saturday, 9 August 2008

Scottish Islamic Foundation: Cronyism, Pounds, and the Media

I am becoming increasingly tense about the way in which the media is harpooning the Scottish Islamic Foundation and it’s closer than close links with the Scottish Nationalist government. Remind me as to what the real reason was for the establishment of this foundation in the first place? Was it to find a group of friendly political faces to represent ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims’ in Scotland? Was it to fund a foundation that would wave a magical wand that would eradicate any chance of radical terrorists to be bred in Scotland so that our political leaders could sleep better at night? Was it to cosy up with the Muslim voters?

I’m not getting this at all am I?! I’ll keep trying! Or maybe the Scottish government just has too much money in its hands and decided that nearly half a million pounds would help establish some sort of Muslim tartan army on a crusade towards ‘Freedom’, ‘Life and Respect’, ‘Education’, ‘Family and Community’, and last but not least ‘Justice’! I quite like the idea of having a foundation in Scotland which would make it their business to strive for these issues and when I say strive I mean ‘really’ strive! You see I’m sick and tired of politicians who keep telling me they are striving for some greater good so what we need in Scotland is some real striving and who can achieve this – the progressive Scottish Muslims. The real issues that are hampering progress amongst the Muslim communities will not be resolved by politically motivated foundations but through a deep spiritual awakening and reasoning with Islamic theology where we realise that the beauty of Islam can live in us all as Muslims and quite comfortably in our beloved Scotland. Why do we fear this happening so much? Why do we seem to get to the barriers of progress but then regress clutching the banners of 'Islam says NO!' -- the Islam that most advocate is a set of ideas that men, yep men, have voiced and made the bastions of the faith - even God's divine voice in the Qur'an has the hallmarks of liberality than what these men spew!

I’ll keep saying it – wake up progressive Scottish Muslims!

Every time someone rises to the platform with false progressive credentials they will come tumbling back down. No one should take my statement as an attack for I think that every Muslim in Scotland has the right to create a foundation, or anything else they get funding for, to highlight their cause but what I am doing is raising some serious questions and a serious challenge to those who make grand statements to put their money where their mouth is! God bless Scotland!

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