Friday, 15 August 2008

God's Blessings: Appreciating Parents

It's a bad state of affairs when we need specific events and dates to make us realise what we have. It's my birthday today (and Princess Anne's!) and I wanted to write something in appreciation of my wonderful parents. My Dad, Inayat Ullah, came to the UK from Pakistan in the 1950s and worked very hard to provide for my Mum and his wife, Nasim Akhtar and seven children, not an easy task. Now my parents are both retired and enjoy lazing around, traveling and annoying each other. I believe that my progressive streak comes from my parents who have always been pretty laid back about issues and always supporting my work. This is a picture of my Mum and Dad.

I'm not going to start pontificating about how children should respect and love their parents because every situation is different but I think appreciation of what our parents have done for us is vital. This morning as I sat to have my morning coffee with my Mum, who was having her traditional cooked Pakistani Chai, told me how difficult her labour was. I was apparently a healthy baby but with complications, typical!, and this forced the physicians to operate. My Mum was told that had I not been as healthy as I was, I may not have survived the labour. Thank the Lord of our beautiful world that I was born in the early hours of Wednesday 15th August 1979. So, this day isn't really about me, it's about my parents, God Bless 'em!

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