Thursday, 26 June 2008

Day 4 - Wimbledon 2008

Janko Tipsarevic and Alla Kudryavtseva upset the top seeds today beating Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova. My sister, Asfa, and old friend, Zaheer, came to see me in Wimbledon today and had a fun time on Centre Court. Indian hopeful, Sania Mirza, put up a brave fight on Court 11 but finally succumbed to Spaniard Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez in a thrilling three set tie breaker. I was working on Court 8 all day with some interesting mens doubles matches. There were some signs of rain as the day went on but I only got soaked when Asfa, Zaheer and I left the Indian restaurant in Wimbledon to catch the bus. A nice atmosphere in Wimbledon but still missing the streets of Glasgow.

Talking about Scotland I was shocked to read that Alex Salmond is endorsing specific religious organisations, the Scottish Islamic Foundation in this case, for a reason I fail to see. I have nothing against the SIF, they have every right to exist and voice their opinions but they are not representative of a 'Muslim community'. Why are we failing to understand this? If the SNP want to distance themselves from Westminster then they need to learn from their English counterparts' mistakes and that was when Downing Street ran to the Muslim Council Britain in hope of finding some united voice for the 'Muslim community'. This they failed to find but found that there were several other voices who distanced themselves from the voice of the MCB. When will we realise that the Muslim community is not a monolith? When will we realise that political Islam is far from the essence of the beautiful and loving Islam which is totally at ease in a secular society? Or is this just about getting the Muslim vote and seeking it by hook or by crook? I guess it's a little more hard work for our Scottish Government to seek the diversity of Muslim voices so they find the loudest voices and stick with them. I shudder to think if the Scottish Government does actually care for a progressive society or a regressive one? Alarm bells and warnings should be ringing in your ears and it will not be long till we have a real expose, such as that of the MCB by Panorama or some other reputable television programme, on these so-called representative Muslim bodies that are emerging in Scotland. I for one distance myself from them because they do not give time of day to the progressive and rational side of Islam.

Who said tennis and theology can't be mixed? :-))

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