Thursday, 24 April 2008

Movement Vision Lab: A Tale of Power and Vision

I wanted to introduce a great thinker with progressive credentials sky high;) Sally Kohn is a great friend of mine who I had the great honor of meeting whilst I worked on a Ford Foundation New York project on 'Philanthropy for Social Justice in Muslim Societies'. Sally introduced me to progressive thought and I have to say that I have learnt a lot from her, even though she stays many miles away from me. This a cartoon clip from the 'movement lab' that she directs which I found very thought provoking. It made me realise that we need to have the courage to push for change, even if 'mainstream' has hijacked the platform.

A bit more about the wonderful Sally...
Sally Kohn is the Director of the Movement Vision Lab @ the Center for Community Change. Sally has also worked with the Social Justice Infrastructure Funders group, the Ford Foundation, the Third Wave Foundation, the Urban Justice Center and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Sally is actually a “retired” (as in, never practiced) attorney, with degrees from New York University and George Washington University. Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sally lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her partner Sarah Hansen and their pet cockroaches. In her free time, she enjoys editing blog posts. (Really.) If she could be anyone, dead or alive, Sally would be Chrissie Hynde.

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