Monday, 28 April 2008

The Dark and Light Paths of Love: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

A Beautiful Love Poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Translated by Amanullah De Sondy

sham-e-firaq ab na pooch, aaee aur aake dhal gaee,
dil thha ki phir behel gaya, jaan thhee ki phir sambhal gaee...

The end of the night, don’t ask me now. For it has arisen, for it has set
The heart was once again entertained, My life was once again pieced together

buzm-e- khayal mein tere husn ki shamma jal gaee,
dard ka chand bujh gaya, hijr ki raat dhal gaee...

In the soul of my thoughts your beauty lit a flame
The moonlight of pain has set, The night of separation has set

jub tujhe yaad ker liya subha mehek mehek uthee,
jub tera gamh jaga liya, raat machul machul gaee...

When I begin to think about you, the morning is uplifted in fragrance
When I awaken your sorrow, the night is broken in uncertainty

dilse to hur mamla ker ke chale thay saf hum,
kehne mein unkay samne baat badal, badal gaee...

I was moving forward by erasing all from my heart
It must be said that in front of my beloved everything changed, oh how it changed.

Farida Khanum sings Faiz's Ghazal...
Farida Khanum is a renowned Pakistani Ghazal singer from Punjab. Farida Khanum has been given the title "Malika-e-Ghazal" (Queen of Ghazal) in tribute to her singing talents.

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