Sunday, 23 March 2008

Naseebo Lal: Placing flowers in books...

This is one of my favorite ghazals sung by Noor Jehan originally but Naseebo Lal has done an excellent job on singing it too (below). I went to Naseebo's concert at the SECC last year and have to say she has an amazing voice!

Dedicated to all the wonderful women who have inspired and taught me the beauty of God and life.

Translated: Amanullah De Sondy

Kabhi kitabo mein phool rukna
Occasionally placing flowers in books
Kabhi durukto pey naam likna
Occasionally writing names on trees
Humay bhi hai yaad aaj tuk woh, nazar sey hurf-e salaam likna
I still remember to this day, writing messages of peace with my eyes

Woh chand chehray, woh behki baatay
Those moonlit-like faces, those reluctant words
Sulagtay din tay, mehiktey raatein
The days were confused, the nights were fragranced
Woh chotay chotay say kaghazon pur
Those tiny little pieces of paper
Mohabbaton kay payaam likna
Writing those sweet love notes

Gulab chehro say dil lagana
The heart falls for those rose-like faces
Woh chupkay chupkay nazar milana
Silently…silenty making eye contact
Woh arizo’on kay khwab bun’na
Weaving my desires into dreams
Woh kisa-ay na tamam likna
Writing about the stories that may never be

Meray nagur ki haseen faza’o
The beautiful condition of my valley
Kaheen jo unka nishaan pa’o
If you ever pierce into it
To puchna kay kaha busay woh
Then ask where are you fixated
Kahan hey un ka payaam likna
Where are their messages, I write

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