Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Between Glasgow and Karachi: Atta Yaqub and Modern Pakistan?

I have a lot of respect for Atta Yaqub but at times I think his reflections have all the hallmarks of a movie star. However, I came across this on youtube and thought it might be of interest. I'm finding it annoying that Pakistanis are using more and more English in their speech. Mixing English with Urdu may seem quite 'modern' for some but for me it is a dilution of a pretty modern language, Urdu. I recently began a very important journey back to the Urdu language and boy has it been a mind blowing one! I think being able to understand Arabic has helped greatly as a lot of Urdu is a mixture of Arabic and Persian. So, maybe I need to learn Persian now too! I need folk to comment on these clips! There is a comments tab at the end! Let's get a discussion going!

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