Thursday, 31 January 2008

Allah Made Me Funny

Who said Muslims have no sense of humor? When a community can laugh at has come of age! Let us all spread some smiles and laughs! Recently the group Allah Made Me Funny were expected to perform in Glasgow but Muslims at Caledonian University complained that their performance was 'offensive to their religion'. Well, let's be clear here that these individuals find it offensive, Islam is big enough to take offense! Thank God Islam (or God) are not left at the hands of the believers to protect! I think it is a great way to break down barriers and stereotypes. And so I am promoting them here on my blog! Enjoy!

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  1. Aman,
    That's not just funny, that's down right hilarious. I think that a bit of it might of flown right over my white Christian head, but I stinking love that.

    I think it's always true that people are funnier making fun of themselves than others (take Billy Connolly for a good Scottish example).

    What's even better is that this guy didn't have to resort to crude or derogatory humor to make his show work.

    I think if I had to choose my favorite part it would be the "bobble head". That brought tears to my eyes. It's too bad they're not coming to Glasgow, I think I would have enjoyed the show.

    Thanks for posting, Aman!