Monday, 17 December 2007

Eid and Christmas Dinner 2007

As part of my commitment to furthering the study of Islam, I direct an alumni society for all past and present students of mine. Our secretary, Margot, must be commended for helping us put together a superb Christmas/Eid Night out on Sunday 16th December at Cafe India, Merchant City, Glasgow. It was a fun night! Just wanted to post the photos! Enjoy!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

'Hum Dekhain Gay' - We Shall See...

Iqbal Bano is one of the most renowned classical ghazal singers in Pakistan. Bano was born in 1935 in Delhi and from a young age was given training by some of the finest Ghazal experts such as Ustad Chaand Khan of the Delhi Gharan. After her marriage she moved to Lahore in Pakistan and began learning from Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan of the Patiala Gharana and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan of the Kirana Gharana. It was observed that she was apt to genres like thumri, dadra and ghazal. For an explanation of what Ghazals are see: Bano has also been acclaimed by Iran and Afghanistan for her Persian singing. It is said that the Afghan King once presented her with a golden vase after one of her performances at an annual Jashn-e-Kabul (Festival of Culture) before 1979.

Bano was considered a specialist in presenting the works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. One such ghazal is 'Hum Dekhain gay' which means 'We will see'. This ghazal roused the emotions of many (at one gathering it is said there were 50,000) during Faiz imprisonment, under charges of treason, and this poem has widely been understood to be a metaphor against the injustice that was prevalent in society. I have found this poem being recited by many even today on the situation in Pakistan. At the bottom of this page you can see Bano sing this ghazal at a concert in Dubai. Bano's hand gestures capture the sentiments of this piercing poem perfectly!

'We will see' has hit many a chord with me too as I am still saddened to see that Muslims in seats of power in Scotland are not fighting for justice and social equality but fighting for their own self promotion. Those speaking in the name of Islam and Muslims are abusing their platforms to further their own political motives. They use the letters of God to rouse emotions but lost is the spirit of God within them. 'We will see' these times come to an end as narrow minds never succeed. The media continues to use these same so-called Muslim leaders for sound bites which suit their ends. It leaves me thinking do we really want to see Scotland progress to pastures new and fruitful or is this just one big political game? I am left in hope that Gods kingdom will prevail and that the veils will be snatched from the faces of evil who disguise themselves in Islam. I pray that we all see the progressive voices stand up and be accounted for, no longer smothered by the loudest voices. Good will always prevail over evil and I pray for the day when we are blessed with spiritual and Godly Muslim leadership in Scotland! We shall see...

Poem By Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Translated by Ayesha Kaljuvee

Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay
It is necessary that we shall also see
Woh Din ke Jis ka Wadah Hai
That day which has been promised
Jo Loh-e-Azl pe Likha hai
Which is written with God's ink
Hum Dekhain Gay
We shall see

Jab Zulm-o-Sitam ke Koh-e-garaan

When the mountains of cruelty and torture
Ruii ki Tarah Urd Jain Gay
Will fly like pieces of cotton
Hum Mehkumoon ke Paun Talay
Under the feet of the governed
Yeh Dharti Dhard Dhard Dhardkay gi
This earth will quake
Aur Ehl-e-Hukum ke Sar Uper
And over the head of the ruler
Jab Bijli kard Kard Kardke gi
When lightening will thunder
Hum Dekhain Gay
We shall see

Jab Arz-e-Khuda ke kabay se
When from God's Mecca
Sab but Uthwaaiy Jain gay
All the idols will be shattered
Hum Ehl-e-Safa Mardood-e-Haram
Us people standing in the mosque
Masnad pe Bithaaiy jain gay
Will be elevated to a higher platform
Sab Taaj Uchalay jain gay
All the crowns will be tossed
Sab Takht Giraaiy Jain gay
All the thrones will be toppled

Bas Naam rahay Ga Allah ka
Then only God's name will remain
Jo Ghayab Bhi hai Hazir Bhi
Who is both absent and present
Jo nazir bhi hai manzar bhi
Who is both the observer and the view itself
Uthay ga Analhaq ka Naara
When the anthem of truth will be raised
Jo Main bhi Hun aur Tumbhi ho
Who I am and you are as well
Aur Raaj karay gi khalq-e-Khuda
And the people of God will reign
Jo main bhi hun aur tum bhi ho
Who I am and you are as well

Hum Dekhain Gay
We shall see
Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay
It is necessary that we shall also see
Hum Dekhain Gay

We shall see...