Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Mercy of God: Jerusalem

Eid and Christmas will be celebrated in the same month this year. As Muslims celebrate the end of the Hajj season and the sacrifice of Abraham of his son for God, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. I began to think about Jerusalem, the holy land where Jews, Christians and Muslims once lived in peace and harmony. I managed to find one of my favorite clips from Orlando Bloom's 'Kingdom of God' where Saladdin offers him a peace treaty. Saladdin, the 12th Century leader of the Ayyubid Dynasty, conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187AD. According to the French writer Rene Grousse, "It is equally true that his generosity, his piety, devoid of fanaticism, that flower of liberality and courtesy which had been the model of our old chroniclers, won him no less popularity in Frankish Syria than in the lands of Islam." I pray for the day when we are blessed with Muslim leaders who are led by the spirit of God.

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