Monday, 27 August 2007

Diana, Memorial and Reflections

BBC Radio Scotland – Thought for the Day – 27th August 2007 - Amanullah De Sondy

It's ten years since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, a death which led to widespread shock and mourning. The 'peoples princess' as she came to be known, was no longer with the people.

This Friday a memorial service will take place in London at which the Princess' two sons, William and Harry, will give readings in remembrance of their mother. There will be special prayers and soul searching, in a society still unsure whether its sudden outpouring of emotion, was a moment of madness, or a fundamental softening of the stiff upper lip.

It has made me think that ten years on from her death, Diana's presence continues to play a role in the lives of the British, in some form or another. What was it about Diana that touched our lives? Why were so many struck by grief for a vivacious and troubled woman who was a style icon, charity worker and celebrity. Diana was a person who had many different roles to play, and each role tapped into the world of different people, from different backgrounds.

Of course, there are those who will offer us a different picture of Diana but are we not compelled to look for the goodness in people. The Qur'an states that human beings are all created differently in order for us to understand, appreciate and learn from our differences. Reflecting upon the weaknesses and strengths we all have but leaving perfection with God. I believe that as human beings we all yearn for some form of greater guidance or inspiration, be it from religious scripture or prophets. In this way God has placed before us many different sources of guidance but each source is just one piece of Godliness, no one of these is the complete picture. The real challenge is in the way we make sense of them in our lives. For me, Diana's life must surely have left something for us all to reflect upon, and in the wider human picture we might seek and reflect upon the goodness in us all.

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